It’s allergy season for humans, and many of us are carrying tissues and rubbing itchy, swollen eyes. But did you know that your pet could be suffering from allergies, too?

Environmental allergens, like the things that bloom at this time of year, can bother your pet, and there are several other things you might not realize they can be allergic to as well.

We talked with Dr. Andrea Lam, Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, to find out about pet allergens — and how we can help our furry friends cope.

But first, how can you tell if allergies are getting to your pet? “Itching is the main symptom,” says Dr. Lam. “However, pets show they are itchy in a variety of ways. Dogs and cats will scratch, rub against furniture, shake their heads or overgroom.”

If you notice your pet is doing these things, you should talk to your your vet. She can help diagnose what’s causing the signs and potentially run some basic lab tests to check for secondary yeast or bacterial infections (a common problem for allergic pets) as well as prescribe the appropriate treatments to help relieve itching and/or treat the infection, says Dr. Lam.

Below, take a look at a handful of things you might not have realized your cat or dog could be allergic to.

What Could Your Pet Be Allergic To?

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